What is the best mixer for keyboard rig

When it comes to keyboard mixing, we try to keep it simple. Not only can this save cost but it prevents adding too much add on to the music, which sometimes can be unnecessary. If you agree with this and want something that performs well and keep things simple, here is a list of keyboard mixers that we recommend


 #1: Mackie 402VLZ4 review

Mackie 402VLZ4 reviewThe Mackie VLZ4 is an affordable mixer that gives you clean sound without too much fuzz.  It can eliminate many of the background noises which results in a nice clean output that sounds really good. The adjustment options like volume are easy to control and don’t slip. Build quality is also high, considering the price you are paying for.

Another strong reason for considering the Mackie VLZ4 is its compact design. It doesn’t take up too much for your table space and is very easy to transport. If you are into gigs or events, this portable mixer is great for ease of taking it around.

The downside to the Mackie is that the 1/4″-to-XLR adapter are too close to each other such that it will strain the plugins. The way to solve this is to add an extension like the “Monoprice XLR Male to 1/4-Inch TRS Male”. This will take care of the problem completely.

#2: Yamaha MG10 review

yamaha mC10 reviewAnother good option to consider for no frills line mixer is the Yamaha MG10.  Like the Mackie, it has a small footprint, solid quality output and wide range of input and output options (such as XLR, TS/TRS, and RCA) to configure. It even has USB connectivity so plugging it directly into your DAW is a breeze. Also, the routing capability on this is on par or even above the Mackie.

When you are mixing in the 44.1KHz-192KHz range, you don’t have to install any drivers for it. This is a big plus point as installing and maintaining driver version can be a cumbersome affair. We understand this is not a professional range for recording but for sampling purpose, it can get the job done easily.



#3: Samson SM10 line mixer review

samson S10 line mixer reviewFor those who really wants more options when it comes mixing, you can’t go wrong with the Samson SM10. It is priced higher than we have recommended but it comes with more bells and whistles. In fact, considering its feature set, I would set its selling price of around USD200 is very reasonable compared to its peers.

Its biggest selling is the 10 input channels which gives you all the choices you can ever need. In addition, its inputs and outputs have both XLR and 1/4 inch, so it is convenient and easy to work with. Finally, its routing capabilities are one of the best we have seen from a machine of this caliber.

However, do note you need at least a small rack to work the Samson 10 so take that into consideration when doing your purchase consideration.



Getting a mixer for the keyboard should be a simple affair. We have selected 3 such models which produces clean sound, takes up only a small space and has enough input/out option to make any keyboard player happy.