Amplitube 3 vs guitar rig 5: pros and cons

Amplitube 3 vs guitar rig 5 is one of the most common question asked by music players who want to know which is the better software when it sound effect simulation. Both brands have their fans and it is difficult to say who is the clear winner. Both have their pros and cons and it is better to see what are your needs and decide which brand is best suited to meet those needs.


#1: Build for whom?

One of the best way to decide is to see who is the brand building the product for. If you fall into the group that is the brand’s intended audience, you will probably get a higher mileage from using it.

Amplitube 3 is clearly a software meant for guitar players. The virtual set and options mirrors the real life quite closely. If you are a guitar player, you will feel the set up is quite intuitive and the options very realistic. Hence, I would recommend Amplitube 3 for pure guitar players.

If you are into more than one type of audio engineering, then the Guitar Rig 5 offer more options in terms of accessories such as compression, delays etc. Such options seem to cater not purely to guitar players but for sound effect engineers as well. Hence, if you are into both, then the Guitar Gig 5 can cater better to what you need.


#2: Flexibility

In terms of set up, Guitar Rig 5 definitely offers more flexibility. The modules are pretty switchable so you are not bounded to the classic pedal to amp to cabinet to rack flow. This flexibility enforces the points that Guitar Rig 5, despite the name, caters beyond pure guitar players.


#3: Sound Quality

You can’t really say which software produces better sound because they are different. How good one sounds depends a lot on your kind of preference. For example, Shannon from like ambient guitar sound so the delay and reverb options in Guitar Rig 5 makes it easier to produce the kind of sound he likes. In contrast, Amplitude 3 has only one kind of reverb which limits what you can do with it. However, this is not to say that Amplitude 3 produces inferior sound  in all categories.

To decide on the type of software, you need to first know what kind of sound quality are you looking for. With that in mind, it is then easier to select the right kind of software that can produce what you are looking for, in the most easy and powerful manner.


#4: Amp options

Although the Guitar Rig 5 has more options when it comes to shifting things around as well as stuff like reverb and delay, Amplitube wins in terms of number of amp available. Not only that, all the amps used in Amplitube have been officially endorsed by the manufacturers so they must sound pretty close to the real thing.


#5: What guitar you are playing

Finally, the guitar you are playing also can influence which software is better for you. Usually, if you have a Fender guitar, you will want to get the Fender Amplitube as it has the Fender Amp, which means better compatibility and I feel the sound quality is much nicer.



When you come down to it, Amplitube and Guitar Rig has its own pros and cons which I have highlighted above. My best advice is to think carefully about what you really need and see which brand can better meet those needs.