About Us

PsyPneumatix Records used to be an awesome record company producing some beautiful club music that is sourced from talented music individuals around the world. Its founder, Joel Deross, was part of the Bionic Empire that created awesome club music released in Australia.

When the previous PsyPneumatix Records was live, you can read about the latest news and releases from the many groups that were under its umbrella. Its release and events calendar was a must to let you know who is playing where. It was great times to be sure.

Currently, the PsyPneumatix Records site is being restart as a online magazine that showcases club music, DJ gear and other cool music equipment that are essential to making beautiful music. For example recording mics are important to get the best sounds recorded and we will show you what are the best options in the coming months. Similarly for stuff such as turntable, boombox, studio monitors etc.

As we rebuild to serve the same community as the old site, we look forward to bring you more use information and news than other sites in the market today.